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"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering." Ben Okri

UPDATE! Re-location to Prince Edward Island, Canada!

There is a way through everything….together, we find it.

In discovering your own wise-way, comes healing, renewal and transformation.

  • Virtual & In-Person individual sessions available
  • Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Leadership consultancy for women – “Your Wise-Way”- For the Leader in You!
  • Spiritual and Creative Renewal retreats on Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Writers retreats on Prince Edward Island, Canada


I am a psychotherapist, spiritual counsellor author,  poet, qualitative researcher specializing in:

  • Women’s wisdom – finding it, claiming it, living it!
    • Living an empowered, creative, spiritually grounded, hope-filled life.
  • Jungian meaning-centred psychotherapy –
    • working with anxiety, depressive symptoms, life altering crisis, difficult decisions, bereavement, grief support. We explore through counselling, meditation practices, mindful awareness, and dialogue together ways to claim new meaning-in-life and a deepened sense of purpose, balance, hope, wisdom. There can be healing in your relationships – especially with yourself and each and every step through the dark times.
    • I specialize in Carl Jung’s life long research and insights on the wisdom our unconscious life holds within dreams, intuitions, feelings and patterns we cannot seem to break. Working with these through a variety of  techniques and creative, reflective exercises, finding the best ones that are right for you (e.g. active imagination, dialogue in sessions, somatic (body) awareness, journalling, drawing) you will come to the deep spiritual and ‘life’ wisdom that dwells in your unconscious life for personal grounding, guidance, inner balance, joy and meaning in your daily life. Particularly helpful when depression has stabilized or anxiety symptoms are now well managed, or after the crisis time is less turbulant but there is a sense of ‘something more’ is needed and new way of living your life is hoped for.
  • Cancer support – living with cancer, its impact on you and your family. I have worked in a regional cancer centre in Ontario for the past 10 years and in palliative care, intensive care and complex care for over 20 years. I can offer guidance and support as you navigate the medical system and treatment  for cancer as well as to develop your coping skills for overcoming the practical, emotional, spiritual and mental health challenges of living with with a cancer diagnosis.
  • Burn-out and compassion fatigue in front line care work, high stress work environments, personal stress and parenting which depend on you staying calm and balanced.
  • “Life-fatigue” – finding new creative energy for daily life and relationships
  • PracticeCALM – Coaching Anxiety Lessening Methods – developer and trainer in a unique stress reduction program for personal and professional life. 6 week groups learning stress reduction strategies that can be used for the rest of your life! Training the trainer programs also offered for therapists, wellness facilitators, yoga teachers and other helping professionals offer support to others.
  • Soul-Medicine for Living With Cancer Support Groups – developer and facilitator trainer for men and women’s  groups teaching coping skills, spiritual well-being practices, inner balance, overcoming fear and worry. Coping skills are taught through practices using mindfulness, meditation, arts, poetics, nature and group sharing with reflective focus on existential and spiritual themes faced when living with cancer.

Licensed with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) – currently transfering credentials to Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner and full member of the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care (CASC)

Published in scholarly journals, co-author of Just Stay: A Couple’s Last Journey Together (2012, Fazakerley, J., Butlin, H., Bradish, G., Words Indeed Press) and a speaker at international, national and regional conferences offering a focus on the humane, creative, compassionate and wise in all aspects of our lives for a much needed, hopeful future.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart…Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” C.G. Jung (1966).

Confidential, in-person or virtual (Skype or FaceTime) sessions,  consultancy and workshop facilitation can be discussed by using the form below to contact me about inquiries.

Author and Poet

Just Stay: A Couple’s Last Journey Together (2012, Words Indeed Publishing, www. juststay.ca) tells the inspiring story of one young couple finding hope in each and every day when cure for a terminal cancer was not possible. Poems, From the Heart of Health Care and The Legacy are in press and academic publications are listed on this website and on Linked In.

Psychotherapy – Finding your wise-way….through anything!

In my clinical and private practice I specialize in finding meaning, hope, purpose and inner wholeness no matter what the situation. Expertise is distilled through almost 20 years on the front lines in health care supporting patients and staff in intensive care, trauma, palliative care and for 10 years, in oncology.  Over the years I have supported and guided many individuals and families through some of life’s most difficult times. My practice is grounded in the insights of Carl Jung and I have been in personal psycho-analysis learning to work with dreams and the unconscious through Jung’s work for 12 years. Jung spent his life researching dreams and the unconscious life and throughout, maintained that wholeness lies within and can be found through our imaginal life, dreams, spiritual-existential questions and struggles, and great wisdom lies hidden in our unlived dreams. I have a special focus on women and our experiences of embodiment – our own and in nature – trusting the wisdom of our body and for integrating the dream life and our body’s ‘voice’ as sources of deeper wisdom. Clients and workshop participants benefit from over 20 years of experience, developing compassionate and gentle processes to support people in finding your own wise-way for living the life you truly want to be living.

Mindfulness & Soul Groups or Individual Sessions

Mindfulness & Soul workshops and sessions offer an interweaving of teachings on mindfulness practices and on Jung’s insights into the psyche and working with our unconscious life and inner wisdom through images and dreams. Each 4 or 5 week group uses a variety of teachers in the mindfulness traditions as well as Jung’s teachings, art, nature and poetry for the soul aspect of this learning process. I have worked for many years integrating both of these ‘paths’, mindfulness and Jung’s insights on soul, within my own life as a busy professional and mother, insights and practices in each path and approach being rich and feeding the other. These small, integrative ‘taster’ groups offer creative approaches to developing your own ‘mindfulness & soul’ practice for finding personal wisdom, hope, inner balance and living a creative, meaningful life. Some of the foundational mindfulness practices you will learn have been used to train oncology professionals in assisting patients’ cope with treatment-related anxiety (2016, J. Medical Imaging and Radiation Science) as well as in health care professional groups for sustaining well-being on the front lines. The practices I teach are tried and tested in front-line health care training programs and with those living with diagnoses of cancer and other illnesses and have survived the test of time and the rigours of undergoing treatment,  living with the effects of cancer, recreating life after cancer, and also, coming to terms with dying. However, they benefit all of us who are seeking inner balance, joyful, creative living and a sense of peace under the waves of life’s storms. Regular groups run in my private practice location. Registration details below in “Upcoming Events” or please call me 519-933-5239 or email helen@helenbutlin.com.

Women’s Spiritual & Creative Renewal Retreats

Dates: TBA

Location: Prince Edward Island

Content: Residential retreats for 6 women in Helen’s retreat home. Each retreat will have a specific theme for exploration through 5 days. Retreats will include walks in the beauty of Prince Edward Island, shared meals, personal reflection time, journaling and writing  with ‘starter’ exercises for those who prefer a focus, gentle yoga based movement for awakening and nurturing our body’s wisdom, creative arts.

 Qualitative Researcher

Passionate about creative qualitative research methodology, I am also conducting doctoral research through Western University in the Faculty of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in the Field of Health Professional Education with the supervision of Dr. Anne Kinsella and Dr. Jeff Nisker. My specialty is focused on developing the methodology of ‘poetic phenomenology’ based on Gaston Bachelard’s (1884-1962) philosophical insights into poetics and imagination. At a time when the science of reason was greatly revered Bachelard, as a philosopher of science in Sarbonne University, France, argued for legitimization of imagination as an equally valid source of knowledge and key in the meaning of ‘being human’ as well arguing that it is a crucial factor in our well-being as humans. This is pertinent in a time where well-being in human life together is deeply challenged and the emphasis on economic values have seemed to reduce the human person to the quantifiable in almost every area of personal and collective life.



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Helen Butlin, (RP), PhD (C);
Counsellor in London, ON


“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart... Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” C.G. Jung (1966)

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Journal articles

Butlin, H., Kinsella, E.A., Garcia, C., Baumann, G. (2016). Journal of Palliative & Supportive Care. “Searching for wisdom in oncology: A scoping literature review. (E-published ahead of print).

Butlin, H., Williams, A., Garcia, C., Salter, K.(2016). Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy. “PracticeCALM: Coaching anxiety lessening methods for Radiation Therapists, a pilot study of a skills-based training program in radiation oncology”. (E-published ahead of print).

Butlin, H. (2015). “Psycho-oncology: Searching for practical wisdom?” Journal of Palliative and Supportive Care, 13(5), 1495–1500.


Book Chapter

Butlin, H. (2017). The legacy. In L. Butler-Kisber, J.J. Guiney Yallop, M. Stewart, S. Wiebe (Eds—, Poetics inquiries for reflection & renewal. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia: McIntyre Purcell Publishing.

Butlin, H. 2017. Soul-medicine: An autoethnography. In J. Higgs & D. Tasker, Loftus, S. (Eds.), Community-based healthcare: The search for mindful dialogues. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers.


Fazakerley, J., Butlin-Battler, H., Bradish, Grace. (2012). Just Stay: A Couple’s Last Journey Together. Toronto: Words Indeed Press. (1 500 copies sold: Canada, Germany, England, New Zealand).

Individual sessions available in person and virtual, group workshop design and facilitation

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“Follow that which is alive in you.” C.G. Jung