Helen Butlin, PhD (C)

Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO)

About Helen

"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering." Ben Okri

In discovering your own wise-way, comes healing, renewal and transformation.

I am an author,  poet, artist in textile art, researcher, and psychotherapist in oncology and private practice, licensed with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, Canada. Published in scholarly journals and a speaker at international, national and regional conferences I offer a focus on the humane, creative, compassionate and wise in all aspects of our lives for a much needed, hopeful future.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart…Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” C.G. Jung (1966).

Confidential, in-person or virtual (Skype or FaceTime) sessions,  consultancy and workshop facilitation can be discussed by using the form below to contact me about inquiries.

Author and Poet

Just Stay: A Couple’s Last Journey Together (2012, Words Indeed Publishing, www. juststay.ca) tells the inspiring story of one young couple finding hope in each and every day when cure for a terminal cancer was not possible. Poems, From the Heart of Health Care and The Legacy are in press and academic publications are listed on this website and on Linked In.

Psychotherapy – Finding your wise-way….through anything!

In my clinical and private practice I specialize in spiritual and existential psychotherapy for finding meaning, hope, purpose and inner wholeness no matter what the situation. Expertise is distilled through many years on the front lines in health care supporting patients and staff in intensive care, trauma, palliative care and, since 2007, oncology. Always we seek together to preserve the humane, compassionate, soulful, healing and wise. Over the years I have supported and guided many individuals and families through some of life’s most difficult times. All my work is grounded in the insights of Carl Jung that wholeness lies within and can be found through our imaginal life, dreams, spiritual-existential questions and struggles, and lies hidden within our unlived creativity. I have also integrated Marion Woodman’s work over many years, that furthered Jung’s insights in women’s lived experiences. Clients and workshop participants benefit from over 20 years of experience, developing compassionate and gentle processes to support people in finding their own wise-way, through any situation.

Mindfulness & Soul Groups or Individual Sessions

Mindfulness & Soul workshops and sessions offer an interweaving of teachings on mindfulness practices and on Jung’s insights into the psyche and working with our unconscious life and inner wisdom through images and dreams. Each 4 or 5 week group uses a variety of teachers in the mindfulness traditions as well as Jung’s teachings, art, nature and poetry for the soul aspect of this learning process. I have worked for many years integrating both of these ‘paths’, mindfulness and Jung’s insights on soul, within my own life as a busy professional and mother, insights and practices in each path and approach being rich and feeding the other. These small, integrative ‘taster’ groups offer creative approaches to developing your own ‘mindfulness & soul’ practice for finding personal wisdom, hope, inner balance and living a creative, meaningful life. Some of the foundational mindfulness practices you will learn have been used to train oncology professionals in assisting patients’ cope with treatment-related anxiety (2016, J. Medical Imaging and Radiation Science) as well as in health care professional groups for sustaining well-being on the front lines. The practices I teach are tried and tested in front-line health care training programs and with those living with diagnoses of cancer and other illnesses and have survived the test of time and the rigours of undergoing treatment,  living with the effects of cancer, recreating life after cancer, and also, coming to terms with dying. However, they benefit all of us who are seeking inner balance, joyful, creative living and a sense of peace under the waves of life’s storms. Regular groups run in my private practice location. Registration details below in “Upcoming Events” or please call me 519-933-5239 or email helen@helenbutlin.com.

9 Month “Sabbatical In Life – Women’s Journey Group”

This is a more in depth process over 9 months for a small group of women who wish to delve deeper into their integration of mindfulness and listening to your unconscious and inner life through dreams, creative process and experiential movement and felt-sense experiencing. It will help you to  carve out space with support of a small community for your own personal growth and deepening of connection with your wisdom and the wisdom of life.  It runs September 2017 – May 1, 2018. Please call me for more information at 519-933-5239 or email helen@helenbutlin.com.

Entrepeneurship – Living work you love

Individual sessions with experiential learning processes and at home exercises are offered that coach you to access your own compass for creating a business that you love…and keep your business… and yourself, growing!

Sessions include:

  • Mindfulness practices – for clear seeing, clear thinking, clear feeling
  • Accessing your  inner compass – Jung’s insights on soul and why they are crucial
  • Loss, failure and mistakes as ‘teacher’
  • Harnessing intuition as a skill
  • 1% changes that change the whole
  • The ‘art of surrender’ -why letting go will help your business …and you…grow!
  • Being your own leader in life, work and relationships – following YOUR path by knowing when to change course, when to stick it out, when to let go, when to walk away,  ‘read the curve’ to get ahead of it …into transformation, gracefully!

This is a structured education series that works with your own personal process and includes structured learning exercises developing the skill set you need for creating an entrepeneural life you love living….even when you are in a job you believe you can’t change. You can!

Format: 6  weekly or bi-weekly sessions.


  1. Individual 6 x1 hour sessions with a one-on-one personalized process: $500
  2. Semi-private for 2 of 6 x 1 hour sessions: $350 each
  3. Small group for 4 – 6 with 6 x 1.5 hour sessions: $300 per person

Includes materials.

Creative Qualitative Researcher

Passionate about creative qualitative research methodology, I am also conducting doctoral research through Western University in the Faculty of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in the Field of Health Professional Education with the supervision of Dr. Anne Kinsella and Dr. Jeff Nisker.


“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart... Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” C.G. Jung (1966)

Contact Helen

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Journal articles

Butlin, H., Kinsella, E.A., Garcia, C., Baumann, G. (2016). Journal of Palliative & Supportive Care. “Searching for wisdom in oncology: A scoping literature review. (E-published ahead of print).

Butlin, H., Williams, A., Garcia, C., Salter, K.(2016). Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy. “PracticeCALM: Coaching anxiety lessening methods for Radiation Therapists, a pilot study of a skills-based training program in radiation oncology”. (E-published ahead of print).

Butlin, H. (2015). “Psycho-oncology: Searching for practical wisdom?” Journal of Palliative and Supportive Care, 13(5), 1495–1500.

Butlin, H. (2015). [In press]. “The Legacy”. Poetics Inquiries for Reflection & Renewal.

Book Chapter

Butlin, H. (2015). [In press]. “Soul-Medicine – An Autoethnography”. Community-based healthcare: The search for mindful dialogue. Sense Publishers. (Includes poem: “From the heart of health care”).


Fazakerley, J., Butlin-Battler, H., Bradish, Grace. (2012). Just Stay: A Couple’s Last Journey Together. Toronto: Words Indeed Press. (1 500 copies sold: Canada, Germany, England, New Zealand).

Individual sessions available in person and virtual, group workshop design and facilitation

Upcoming Events

2016 – 2017 Program for  All Things Soul!

The Red Book Series: Workshops, Community Gatherings and Speakers exploring C.G. Jung’s insights on soul, wisdom, life and living creatively through difficult times. This series includes the following:

NEW!  Interactive Talk Series: Elders & Dreams Speak!

Expert Jungian’s and elders speak in a small, interactive gathering on dreams and eldership in a challenging world. Limited spots available.

COST: $25 per person per talk (4 talks left in series: Feb 15, March 8, March 29, April 26).

Discount for full series booking – one talk free! Payment due by Oct 23, 2016.

Please call Helen at 519-933-5239 OR email helenjbutlin@gmail.com to register. Spots reserved with payment (e-transfer, cash or cheque).

2017 Dates and Elders & Dreams Speakers

WED FEB 15, 2017: 7 – 9 PM – DOUGLAS R. CANN, PhD, C.PSYCH, Jungian Analyst

Click here for flyer: Douglas Cann Flyer Feb 2017

Dying to Live: The Alchemy of Mortifactio

The journey of death finds us all. However the role that dying plays in our lives as we live is frequently misunderstood or missed altogether. The Alchemical process of Mortifactio will be explored in words and images in order to take in its meaning and value in life. Skeletons, illness, abandonment, exile, defeat, slaying, sacrifice, frustration and more are all necessary aspects of transformation and renewal in our lives.

About Douglas Cann

Born in Montréal, Douglas grew up in Boston, Port Credit and Kitchener/Waterloo. He spent his summers in “God’s Country” on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River and learned to live in nature and work the land with the farmers of Québec. Half way through an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at the University of Waterloo, he met the Psyche in a vision that transformed his life. He switched to psychology and subsequently completed his doctorate in Clinical Psychology at McGill University in 1979. There he discovered Jung’s works and realized that mainstream psychology was dead, insofar as it pertained to the human soul. While working as a clinical psychologist at the University Hospital in London, he entered analysis with Marion Woodman and Fraser Boa and then trained as a Jungian analyst with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. After graduation in 1986, he moved into private practice and joined the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts (OAJA). Over the past 30 years, he has served as Vice-president (18 years), President (7 years), Registrar (12 years) and Ethics Chair (14 years) for OAJA and Douglas was seminal to the creation of the first Jungian training programme in Canada. Now…he is primarily interested in serving the life and journey of the individual human soul.

ANNE MACDOUGALL, dancer, elder, expressive arts facilitator.

NOTE NEW DATE!!!!!!! WED March 8 2017: 7 – 9 pm (FORMERLY JAN 25, 2017)

Anne MacDougall flyer: Forthcoming

“Apprenticing to Life”

“The only way I can make sense of my life, is to pass my story on to you
In hopes that a thought, a word, a feeling, an image will catch your attention.
And in that precious moment of paying close attention to yourself
You will get a glimpse of your potential and magnificence
A faint stirring of interest in your real self.
And I urge you to pay attention to that glimpse
No matter how small, insignificant or difficult it may seem, nor how distant or removed
Because in that voice or vision, in that moment,
You may find your courage, to listen to and follow your true nature.”

This is an excerpt from a piece I wrote 25 years ago that later become a dance performance piece in London’s Fringe Festival. Intuitively I titled the piece The Apprentice and only two weeks ago did I come to understand what I meant. Perhaps my sharing will spark an interest in your own apprenticeship to your own life.

About Anne MacDougall

Anne was a modern dancer who left the performance and technical aspects of dance to explore the internal felt sense of the body and how that knowledge informs our unique creative expression into the world. Her life and work have been a deep inquiry into belonging and connection through professional training, life experience and horses. Teachers in dance, Gestalt Therapy, the expressive arts, Continuum and Continuum Montage, Shamanism, mediation, conflict resolution and natural horsemanship have informed and inspired her life and work. Learning to live after almost dying has been her greatest teacher. Hence, she believes that our life stories must be met with imagination, creativity and kindness.  She has facilitated groups for over 25 years in personal growth, conflict resolution and the expressive healing arts. She now focuses her work on the expressive healing arts and horses as teachers.

WED MARCH 29, 2017:  7 – 9 PM – PATRICIA BRANNIGAN, (RP), MA, Jungian Analyst

Click here for Patricia Brannigan flyer: Brannigan March Talk

“Aging : The Soul’s Process”

Carl G. Jung describes the elder years as a stage in life having its own goal. Helen M. Luke portrays the same elder years as a stage in life having its own process. With reference to Jung’s Collected Works and the writings of Jungian Analyst Helen M. Luke, the aim and process of this stage of life are revealed. Excerpts from Homer’s The Odyssey, Shakespeare’s King Lear and other selections from modern literature will be used during the discussion to illustrate the goal and process of the elder years.

About Patti Brannigan

Patricia (Patti) Brannigan was born and raised in Canada. She began her working life as a secondary school teacher. After completing her MA, she worked in the area of educational administration. It was during her years in education that Patricia developed a keen interest in Jungian psychology. She entered the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts Training Programme soon after retiring from education. While completing the training programme, Patricia lived and worked in South Africa, Asia and the U.S. She relocated to Guelph in 2011 with her husband where she has established a private practice. She has two married children and seven grandchildren. Patricia was Director of Training for the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts Training Programme from 2013 -2016.

WED APRIL 26, 2017 – 7  – 9 PM: TERILYNN GRAHAM-FREEDMAN, MA, Dipl. Analyt. Psch, OAJA.

Click here for Terilyn Graham Freedman flyer: Freedman 2017-2

“Duende – What IS Creative Spirit?”

Duende and Jung’s Autonomous Complex: This seminar will explore the soul of words through Federico Garcia Lorca’s interpretation of duende and Jung’s understanding of the creative spirit as an autonomous complex. We will explore the idea of words as living symbols through various poetic and Jungian lenses. Participants are invited to bring an example to share of word that is alive for them, or as Emily Dickinson famously said, “properly haunted.”

About Terilynn Graham-Freedman

Terilynn Graham Freedman is a Jungian analyst in private practice in London, Ontario. She follows in the footsteps of Marion Woodman and Judith Harris, and has worked deeply with both these leaders to understand the wounding and healing of both men and women in contemporary culture.

NEW! Women’s March 2017:

Women’s Mindfulness & Soul Group: Exploring Pema Chodron’s & Jung’s wisdom for living meaningfully and compassionately

Click here for details: Mindfulness & Soul Mar 2017- Flyer

5 session program for 6 women

Wed evenings March 22, 29, April 5, April 12 and April 19

7 pm – 9 pm.

This 5 session group process for women allows for a personalized learning process with only 6 spaces available. It is both didactic and experiential designed to assist you with developing a  mindfulness practice for everyday living using Pema Chodron’s gentle and compassionate wisdom in her book, “The Places That Scare You”for living an anti-dote to a fear-mongering world. Interwoven with the mindfulness learning is also an exploration of how ‘soul’ and listening to your soul’s wisdom in the unconscious from a Jungian perspective interweaves with the mindfulness approach to life and living. You will be introduced to a basic understanding of Jung’s meaning of ‘soul’ and his foundational practice for working with images and dreams using active imagination. This allows for a way to work with the spontaneous images and feelings that can arise in meditation practices without needing to shut them out. Included in the price and this course is the evening with Jungian Analyst, Patti Brannigan on “Aging: The Soul’s Process” which is an interactive public talk (same location). We will then explore these insights in the following session in our smaller group.

Wed March 22 –Basic mindfulness principles and foundations practices

Wed March 29 –Interactive eve with Patti Brannigan, Jungian Analyst – “Aging: The Soul’s Process”

Wed April 5 –Jung’s practice of active imagination in meditation – ‘listening to your soul’

Wed April 12 – Self-compassion and the open heart

Wed March 19 – Soul & mindfulness practices & weaving them together

This group is for women seeking to carve some space in your life for more mindful, soulful living and find some inner balance from stress in a supportive, facilitated group setting.  $195 (includes materials & book, Pema Chodron’s book, “The Places That Scare You” PLUS the ticket for Patti Brannigan’s talk).

Call Helen for registration: 519-933-5239 or email helen@helenbutlin.com (The Mindfulness & Soul group space is limited to 6 spots for a very interactive peronalized learning process so early registration recommended!)

NEW!!! Meditation & Breadmaking!

Are you feeling winter blues, worrying about the world’s situation craving some inner centering AND you’ve wanted to learn how to make yummy bread?

Click here for more details: Meditation_Breadmaking_Workshop_FINAL2

‘Sabbatical-in-Life’- Living your soul wisdom – Women’s Journey Group 2016-2017 

FULL & CLOSED. PLEASE CALL FOR 2017 – 2018 Registration and information

Sep 2016 – May 2017 – 5 workshop series

Facilitated by: Helen Butlin, (RP), PhD(C) with Anne MacDougall, Expressive Arts Facilitator & Elder. See (About the Facilitators).

A nine month ‘sabbatical-in-life’ exploring living your soul’s wisdom through C. G. Jung’s insights on alchemy, soul and wisdom blended with celebrating six of the ancient Celtic festivals. The group will include eight women who share a love of soulful living as pilgrims, seekers and healers and who need intentional space and community for your own inner life. It invites those who welcome meditation, group sharing, creative arts, movement and offers a call to form a circle of guardianship for our world in a turbulent time of change and transformation. Two options available: (1) Workshops only (2) Workshops plus x1 monthly session with Helen Butlin.


“Follow that which is alive in you.” C.G. Jung